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11 June 2022 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
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Please join us in honouring and remembering Dr Anoop Maini, a pioneer in the field of cosmetic dentistry, past president of the BACD, founding president of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics.

Due to Anoop’s passion for the profession, teaching others and selfless devotion to help those who crossed his path, the BACD are proud to present an inspirational day of lectures in his memory.

“The Modern GDP” will encompass all aspects of dentistry that are relevant to everyday practice at higher levels. Anoop was dedicated to higher education both for himself and others; this day promises to be a step in helping to build the same passion and dedication for all that attend.

Topics covered
Occlusion, Getting the Right Work-Life Balance, Implants, Align Bleach Bond techniques, Digital Dentistry and The Business of Dentistry

*All profits from this event will be given to a charity chosen by Dr Neera Maini, in memory of Dr Anoop Maini

“OCCLUSION; THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY”; Real-World Occlusion for long-term Predictable Cosmetic Dentistry

Undergraduate Occlusal teaching in the UK could charitably be described as limited at best, and perhaps downright confusing at worst. Furthermore, such occlusal teaching remains stubbornly confined to the theoretical when the profession is crying out for some practical guidance.

The most prevalent occlusal philosophies are still offering a mechanical solution to what is essentially a biological problem, yet an articulator has a limited ability to duplicate or mimic patient’s functional movements.

With many confusing, perhaps irrelevant, terms such as Bennet Movement and Immediate Side Shift, to name but two, Academia is still pushing highly complex occlusal theories which require clinicians to be both highly intelligent and exceptionally well-informed just to be undecided about them.

Consequently, it’s perhaps not surprising that many clinicians are confused, and consequently daunted about offering the treatment many of their patients desperately need. The very real problem for today’s clinicians is how to convert the “nuts and bolts” of the various occlusal theories into a workable occlusal practice.

Based upon the teachings of Dr John Kois, a logical step by step process will be outlined enabling the general dentist to approach the often confusing world of occlusion with greater confidence. Ken Harris is the leading exponent of the Kois occlusal philosophy here in the UK, and the aim of this presentation is to describe in great detail, with reference to actual treated cases, the streamlined yet workable approach to Occlusion he uses on a daily basis in the general practice environment.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the presentation the delegates will be able to:

  1. Acknowledge the limitations and subsequent frustrations caused by the conventional methods of teaching occlusion at undergraduate level
  2. Accept that the strength of the Restorative Material cannot overcome improper occlusal management
  3. Recognise the importance of achieving a consistent Mandibular Hinge Axis before embarking upon a complex restorative treatment plan
  4. Visualise how a correctly balanced occlusal scheme would look and sound when the teeth are opened and closed
  5.  Appreciate the relevance of a stable Envelope of Function when considering Anterior Guidance
  6. Understand how a simple three-step protocol based upon the occlusal teaching of Dr John Kois can facilitate the delivery of a stable restorative treatment plan

Getting The Right Work-Life Balance

This talk will be about the business of dentistry, but not related to money, more related to time. What you choose to do with that time is up to you. Because life is short & you should be living every second to the max!

You’ll never say “I don’t have time for that” as you’ll be planning according to your goals
You will be able to Automate & Delegate effectively, freeing up your most valuable asset-time
You will learn how to create your dream team & how to recruit effectively
You will learn how to avoid the biggest sin, micro-managing
So effectively you will learn how to systemise your work, therefore freeing up time to give you a better life

Aesthetic Dental Practice: Align, Bleach, Bond

Align, Bleach, Bond plays an important role in the modern cosmetic dental practice. This lecture will be a brief overview of how this treatment protocol can enhance aesthetic outcomes and how we have implemented this into our practice as ‘everyday dentistry’ and how you can look to implement it into yours.

Learning Objectives:

  1. A Brief Overview of Align Bleach Bond
  2. How to implement this in practice
  3. Ideal cases to start with

Leads for Life: Conversion Hacks for Winning Lifelong Fans

Forget what the marketing blogs say: Practice growth isn’t entirely dependent on Facebook, Google andInstagram ads. The biggest gains come from nailing narrative and finessing the follow-up.

In this short, interactive session, marketing scientist Dr Prav Solanki reveals how to use these and other deceptively simple hacks to create an army of raving fans. Prav’s unique and easily actionable approach looks at the emotional patient experience. You’ll learn how to get into the mindset of patients, walk a mile in their shoes, and use storytelling to focus your marketing strategy.

Learning objectives
The enquiry journey beyond the usual 5 days.
How to engage in conversations to convert enquires
How to train your team on autopilot through call tracking & email audit
Understanding why storytelling is as important as the clinical plan.

Outside The Box Thinking for Enhanced Treatment Outcomes

The old adage, ask a room full of dentists how to treat a case and get a multitude of differing opinions rings true to most of us! As dentists we are often faced with challenging cases from single tooth, to full mouth rehabs, each with several treatment options but which option or technique is best? We are also faced with those cases where we scratch our heads, wondering where to start and even when we do decide on a plan, we are faced with executing the plan to the best of our ability, as well as to the satisfaction of the patient.

This lecture will showcase such cases and how, with some innovative techniques and a little ‘outside the box thinking’ they can be planned and executed predictably. Several cases will be shown including full arch implant supported bridges, ortho-restorative cases as well as single tooth implants, highlighting how important teamwork is in many of the cases we are faced with.

It will also highlight the importance of pre- and peri-implant provisionalisation, to help support and maintain the soft and hard tissue architecture from the day of extraction whether the implant is placed immediately or not. Socket shield and root submergence cases and protocols will be shared that will demonstrate that immediate implants in the aesthetic zone can be a predictable technique when strict protocols and newer techniques are adhered to.

Veneers in Today’s World: The Death of The Hollywood Smile

This offering will discuss the evolution of smile design, and the emotional impact that bespoke hand-crafted designs, can have on our patients undergoing indirect veneer treatment. The talk will involve case examples, workflows, and will encourage reflection of our traditional processes.

Aims and Objectives:
Understanding the emotional impact of cosmetic dentistry
Developing an awareness of individuality in smile design
Understanding the role of provisionals in veneer treatments
Appreciate methods of lab communication

Registration Closed
1 Day Recommended Meeting
11 June 2022 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Members £25.00
Non-Members £295.00
6 CPD Hours

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