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Speaker - Dr Prav Solanki

Since completing a post-medical PhD at Oxford University over a decade ago, Prav Solanki’s unique marketing and business strategies have helped countless healthcare companies to scale and grow.

His superpower is building systems, processes and marketing campaigns centred around the end-to-end patient journey.

Through his agency, The Fresh, Prav has used this approach to support the growth of dentists, pharmacies, private hospitals, surgeons and several e-commerce businesses. 

Alongside The Fresh, Prav co-owns six dental practices. He is also a director of IAS Academy and the Changing Faces® denture clinic franchise. 

His latest project is Leadflo®, an automated platform using Amazon’s machine learning algorithm for intelligent, patient-centric lead management.

Outside marketing, Prav’s most recent challenge was a week-long water-only fast accompanied by a punishing workout regime. Originally intended as a one-off feat of endurance, Prav plans to make the seven-day fast a regular feature in 2020. 
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