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Dr Daz Singh graduated in dentistry from Liverpool in 2005 and after developing a passion for changing lives through dentistry he co-opened a private practice in Liverpool to deliver dentistry in a comfortable boutique environment. The clinic went on to win several awards.

Daz’s passion focuses on providing tooth-preservation dentistry through minimally invasive restorative techniques combined with orthodontics utilising simple appliances and clear aligners. His skill set in this area and passion to share knowledge led to Daz teaching and lecturing for some of the biggest clear aligner and fixed brace companies in the world. He has influenced 1000s of dentists who comment on his clear explanations, attention to detail and humble nature.

Daz has always had a passion for technology in dentistry and integrates digital protocols and intraoral scanning into his everyday practice when considering smile design and planning cases. He has trained dentists in digital protocols and also given keynote lectures on the business of running a modern practice.

He is also the Past President of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics and an active member of both the British & American Academies of Cosmetic Dentistry

Daz is part of the IAS Academy as an Instructor and Mentor

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