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The BACD’s mission is to make a difference to people’s lives by providing exceptional, ethical cosmetic dentistry.



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"The BACD were the first group in my immediate circle to stick their heads above the parapet and offer to freeze monthly membership fees. It felt like a virtual hug. And I believe it set a very good example to other groups." Dr Jasmine Piran
Jasmine Pi

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A lovely response to the news of the Academy's response to the current situation and the announcement of the Membership Fee Freeze. "We are in a time of huge uncertainty fuelled by a crisis that affects everyone. Concerns are shared between health and stability. It’s great to know that the BACD have taken this decision to assist in easing the financial burden. I am sure it comes as a relief to many as well as sign of solidarity to members alike. Many thanks BACD.” Andrew Chandrapal

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We are here to support you!

#ChallengingTimes #BACDSupportYou #BACD #EthicalCosmeticDentistry #DentalEducation #DentalNetworking #BACD2020 #BACDMembership
The BACD has recognised that we are facing uncharted territory currently
and that there is probably more difficulty to come
and especially financially
for many businesses and associates
as such The BACD has taken the decision that we are going to freeze all member subscriptions
for the next three months.
That's for April, May, and June.
This is our commitment to you, our members
and to our profession, and to show solidarity and support that someone is listening.
So if you're a member The BACD is going to continue
as normal or as normal as we can in the circumstances as we find out what they are.
We hope to return normally with education in July.
We will keep you posted. But in the meantime,
please stay safe.

#BACD #EthicalCosmeticDentistry #DentalEducation #DentalNetworking #BACD2020 #BACDMembership