Legacy of Excellence: Honouring Dr Uchenna Okoye’s Vision For Future Dentistry

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1 Day General Meeting
7 June 2024 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Members £195.00
Non-Members £395.00
6 CPD Hours

Legacy of Excellence:

Honouring Dr Uchenna Okoye’s Vision For Future Dentistry And Inspiring The Next Generation Of Dental Trailblazers

Join us for a day in support of Dr Uchenna’s Smile Foundation

Featuring an incredible array of clinical speakers: Dr Gary DeWood, Dr Elaine Halley, Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne, Dr Devinia Lavan-Iswaran, Dr Mide Ojo, and Dr Chris Orr



If you are a STUDENT member of the BACD, you can attend for £25

Synergise to Optimise : Elevating Aesthetic Outcomes Through Ortho-Restorative Integration

This lecture will cover the building blocks of smile design treatment planning, including tips on how to recognise when an ortho-restorative approach could be of benefit, and how to integrate this into the plan including suggestions for patient education and motivation. How to leverage digital tools such as Invisalign Smile Architect will be included in the discussion.

GDC Learning Outcome : A,C

Socket Preservation: Myth or Miracle

• Evaluate the biological processes driving dimensional bone and soft-tissue alterations post extraction
• Extraction sockets : is there any validity for ridge preservation
• Which implant placement techniques are the most predictable and stable for the extraction socket : immediate or delayed

GDC outcome C

Simplifying The Complex Case: Managing Your Interdisciplinary Team For Excellent Outcomes

Today’s treatment plans frequently involve multiple treatment modalities across orthodontics, periodontics, implant placement and restorative dentistry. Few practitioners possess all these skills, so care is usually delivered by a co-ordinated team. Yet the co-ordination can be a tricky process – everyone must be on the same page through planning and delivery of the treatment.

The restorative dentist is usually the last person to treat the patient, so is responsible for the aesthetic outcome. If the rest of the team worked in a multi-disciplinary manner and did what they thought was best due to the lack of a co-ordinated plan, the outcome can be compromised and the restorative dentist is blamed for issues created by others.

This presentation will look at a simple process for planning and managing these complex cases and will discuss how the restorative dentist can effectively manage the rest of their team so that excellent outcomes are easily achieved.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn a systematic approach to treatment planning for all cases;
  2. Discuss tools and strategies for communication and case management
  3. Learn how to use these tools to co-ordinate an interdisciplinary team

100% Case Acceptance: It’s NOT a Metric – It’s a Belief.

We were taught by very well intended people trying to help us succeed some very wrong measurements of what we do as dentists. Case Acceptance is defined wrong by almost all the dentists I get to spend time with. How many of your physician friends even talk about this as a metric that we should “know”? Redefining what Case Acceptance means will reset the role you play in the dental health of your patients and bring you to the realization that dentistry is not the product you have to offer, dentistry is simply the result of them “buying” the actual thing they came for.

At the conclusion of this presentation attendees will be able to:
• Recognize and offer “treatment” for the real reason your patient came to see you.
• Understand why it doesn’t matter what they have, it only matters what they believe.
• Experience opportunity to do your best stuff with people who appreciate it

Qui Audet Adipiscitur: Who Dares Wins

Uchenna, a dentist who dared. Her death hit many of us as this was a life that was snuffed out too early. We know of her stellar professional achievements. A trailblazer. She was on TV before social media became big. Here was an individual , a dentist, a mother, one of us, who life threw some curved balls. Yet she stood tall, believed and powered on.

Life has certainly throws us all curved balls and handed us some lemons. I will be sharing some gems on how to live your best life and to leave behind that mighty legacy

GDC Outcomes: A and B

Ten things I wish I had known before I set up my own practice

How to build a brand without selling your soul

The journey from Dental school to retirement is an inevitable path we all have to make. However the routes and the maps we use to navigate this journey can vary greatly.

There are certain key milestones that often signify when to transition from one phase to the next.

The question of practice ownership is one such. This warts and all presentation will hopefully help identify and demystify some of the key questions a prospective new dental clinic owner may face and hopefully help others to avoid some pitfalls they didn’t expect.


  1. To help you understand your why when deciding to go into practice ownership
  2. To help you decide if practice ownership is the only option for career progression
  3. To help articulate some common pitfalls in starting out in practice ownership
  4. To share the importance of growing a collaborative culture in dental practice
Registration Closed
1 Day General Meeting
7 June 2024 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Members £195.00
Non-Members £395.00
6 CPD Hours

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