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1 Day Educational Meeting
5 March 2022 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
Members £195.00
Non-Members £345.00
6 CPD Hours

This amazing event INCLUDES a complimentary drinks reception and DJ after party!

Mental Toughness

Dentistry Driven Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics plays an important role in the modern aesthetic dental practice. This lecture will provide a brief overview of how facial aesthetics can enhance aesthetic outcomes, and how injectables can be implemented into daily dental practice. It will also showcase cases where injectables have been planned and executed predictably.

Learning objectives
1. A brief overview of facial aesthetics
2. Understand how facial aesthetics can complement dentistry
3. How to incorporate injectables into dental practice


Anterior Restorations and Smile Design

Aesthetics is an inseparable part of any treatment protocol in modern dentistry. However, dentists struggle to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes and rely heavily (and not always successfully!) on digital techniques or dental technicians. Dr Jurgita Sybaite will demonstrate how mastering tooth morphology and analysing the smile can transform aesthetic perception, treatment planning and the ability to deliver the best aesthetic outcome.

Educational objectives:

  1. Introduce to the principles of facially generated smile design and treatment planning
  2. Discuss the role of tooth morphology in direct and indirect restorations
  3. Present macro & micro features of anterior tooth morphology and their application to direct and indirect restorations
  4. Inspire the audience to be dental artists

Biomimetics: Principles and Posterior Restorations

What is biomimetic dentistry?

  • Introduction + history
  • An overview of the principles
  • Key materials
  • Key literature
  • Gold standard bonding
  • Breaking down some dental myths!

Biomimetic posterior restorations

  • A comprehensive step by step guide to producing superior posterior restorations
  • Evidence-based clinical protocols
  • Clinical tips + tricks

Aesthetic Treatment Options for Closing a Midline Diastema

I went to a presentation recently from a prominent speaker who spoke about how her midline diastema had held her back from public speaking for many years.

She has asked her dentist what could be done about it and told repeatedly – nothing.

She spoke about over coming her insecurity and now she speaks all over the world confidently.

I was in the audience thinking – I could fix that for you in a day!

This lecture will outline the options for diastema closure, showing where each option is appropriate so your patients don’t need to live with their diastema’s should they prefer not to.

My Personal Experiences

Registration Closed
1 Day Educational Meeting
5 March 2022 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
Members £195.00
Non-Members £345.00
6 CPD Hours

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