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Confidental’s purpose is to provide emotional first aid for dentists in distress.

They can allow you to offload and talk through your issues in complete confidence; they will then offer you signposting to further useful organisations if appropriate.

Sometimes all we are needed to do is listen!

How Confidental Works
When you call Confidental you will be greeted by a short automated message. The call is then directed to one of our listeners (all practicing or retired dentists) who will listen to you and help to empower you to come to your own solution or signpost you to a relevant organisation who may be able to offer you further advice.

Contact number: 033 3987 5158

As Confidental is run entirely by volunteers we will, unfortunately, be unable to catch every call.

CONFIDENTAL is a 24/7 helpline run by volunteers, and in the unlikely event your call is not answered promptly, don’t despair ! Please wait a few minutes and try again. We are there for you every day of the year. 

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