Computer aided design and computer aided milling is a system used in dentistry to achieve porcelain crowns in one visit, without the need for the impressions used in traditional dentistry.

Treatment overview

This minimally invasive procedure means you can leave your appointment with a permanent, all ceramic crown, inlay, or veneer and a wonderful smile, without the need for the impressions used in conventional dentistry.

Instead of taking impressions a digital scan is made of the teeth, which is then converted into a 3D computerised model of your teeth. Special highly complex computer software is then used to design the restoration for your tooth, which can then either  be milled onsite or the information may be sent electronically to a laboratory for manufacture of the restoration. When done onsite, once the crown or veneer has been milled, your new crown.

The porcelain crown colour will be selected to match your surrounding teeth. Once the crown or veneer has been created, your new crown will then be fixed into place – all in one appointment!


From £200 to £1,000 per crown 

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