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Treatment Overview

Your smile is the element of your face people tend to notice first, an attractive, sparkling white smile enhances your appearance, creating a lasting impression, which is why teeth whitening is the most commonly prescribed cosmetic dental procedure.

Teeth whitening is the process of brightening stained, discoloured, or dull teeth with an in-office power method or dentist-supervised, at-home whitening systems. Many whitening options are now available to consumers to fit all budgets to allow any patient to achieve a gleaming smile.

Laser whitening

A fabulous option for a fast result, laser whitening lightens the teeth using a photosensitive gel, which is painted onto the teeth and then activated by light. The whole process takes about one hour.

At home whitening

Home tooth whitening is a more gradual process, but the results you receive can be up to 16 shades brighter and last for many years. Your dentist will create trays moulded to the shape of your teeth to ensure the best possible result, you then apply the whitening gel at home over the course of two weeks depending on the shade of whiteness desired. The flexibility of wearing the trays during the day or overnight, as well as being able to select how long you wish to whiten your teeth for, makes home whitening an increasingly popular option.

Just remember though, home whitening should always be done with the advice and guidance of your BACD member dentist.

Treatment length:1 hour to a few  weeks

Just remember though, only a dentist can safely and legally get your teeth the whitest.

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