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Why choose cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding can change your smile in as little as one appointment, meaning anyone can achieve a fabulous smile in as little time as a lunch hour, although more complex cases can take up to 3 visits. No anaesthesia is usually required for this procedure although certain clinical conditions may require it.

Cosmetic bonding can provide an affordable alternative to other treatments that are more invasive to teeth as well as being more costly and produces fantastic results. This technique is designed to last between 3-4 years before consideration for replacement is required. However, this can be carried out to good effect as the tooth underneath remains completely intact.

Treatment overview

It is the art of adding tooth-coloured filling material to teeth to alter colour, shape, alignment and general appearance, which can make your teeth appear straighter, close gaps and correct imperfections in your smile. This speedy makeover allows you to get rid of minor imperfections without having to undergo lengthy treatment.

In most circumstances composite bonding can be applied with no adjustment to the underlying tooth although at times, slight adjustment is required. Specific materials are used to create an “invisible effect” where the junction between the natural tooth and the composite bonding is largely invisible.

Your BACD member dentist will select the correct shading for the material so that it matches with your own teeth.

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