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Eddy Marku stands as a luminary figure in the realm of Dental Technology, shaping the landscape with an unwavering commitment to precision and an unparalleled passion for perfection. As the owner and managing director of Dental By Design and Vivo Dental Laboratory in London, UK, Eddy has elevated the standards on the dental field with his exceptional expertise.

Eddy Marku’s journey in dental technology commenced in Milan, where he completed his studies in 2007. Armed with a solid educational foundation, Eddy embarked on a career that would span over 16 years, marked by an unrelenting dedication to mastering the complexities of implant restuarations with special interest in FP1 concept and challenging cosmetic cases.

Throughout his illustrious career, Eddy Marku has become synonymous with tackling the most intricate implant and cosmetic cases. His precision and attention to detail have not only earned him a stellar reputation in UK but have also positioned him as a global authority in the field. Eddy has lectured in numerous international locations, captivating audiences with his insights and contributing significantly to the advancement of dental technology.

Eddy Marku’s influence extends beyond clinical practice. He has been a lecturer for the International Master in Implant Dentistry at the International Medical University of Rome (UNICAMILLUS). Specializing in full mouth implant rehabilitation, Eddy imparts his extensive knowledge to aspiring professionals, shaping the future of implant dentistry on a global scale.

As the driving force behind Dental By Design and Vivo Dental Laboratory, Eddy Marku has played a pivotal role in raising the bar of the dental field in the UK. His commitment to innovation, coupled with an intricate eye for detail, has set new standards for excellence, making him a respected figure among peers and a trusted name in the dental word.

Eddy Marku’s legacy is marked by a transformative impact on the dental profession, both in the UK and internationally. As he continues to push the boundaries of what is achievable in dental technology, Eddy remains a beacon of inspiration for those who share his passion for elevating the standards of patient care and advancing the frontiers of dental excellence.

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