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Dr  Nazariy Mykhaylyuk is a specialist in microscopic and digital dentistry, focusing on smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions. He works at the M.Vision clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine, and is the founder of M.Vision Academy, M.Vision Clinics and Lab, M.Vision Las Vegas, and M.Vision Asia training centers. Dr. Mykhaylyuk has organized and conducted numerous courses and presentations worldwide, sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow dentists.


  • Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, Dentist, 2008

Professional Experience:

  • Dentist, M.Vision Clinic, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Founder, M.Vision Academy, 2010
  • Co-founder, MicroVision Group, 2013

Teaching and Lecturing:

  • Organized and conducted over 80 courses at M.Vision training centers, teaching more than 1,100 dentists
  • Delivered more than 300 presentations worldwide, visiting over 60 countries

Courses Taught:

  • Tooth Preparation with Microscope for Full Crowns
  • Photo and Video Documentation in Dentistry: Microscopic Approach
  • Total Rehabilitation from A to Z
  • Indirect Restoration – From Macro to Micro: MicroVision Approach

Product Development:

  • Personal Kit for Teeth Preparation for Full Crowns (Komet), 2011
  • Hand Instrument for Finishing Preparations (Enamel Chisels – Deppeler), 2013
  • MicroVision Preparation Kit for Veneers and Onlays (Komet), 2013

Publications and Affiliations:

  • Article published in Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD Winter Edition
  • DentalXP Expert

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