Nervous Patients

Does going to the dentist fill you with dread? 

Do you fear the smells and sounds of the dentist?

Modern dentistry is acutely aware and sensitive to those who are very nervous. The front door needn't be as far as you get. There is a range of methods and treatments available to help you conquer your fear, or at least help you through your treatment. 

Please don't be nervous

Whilst BACD member dentists use gentle dental techniques, there are many additional treatments that can be carried out alongside cosmetic dental treatments to help patients relax. Most cosmetic dentists who use dental sedation techniques are certified by their training organisation, and can provide intra-venous sedation or inhalation sedation.

Some BACD cosmetic dentists combine gentle dentistry with a holistic approach, using hypnotherapy, acupuncture or homeopathy.

We recommend you discuss your apprehensions prior to commencement of treatment with your BACD member dentist will then be able discuss with you appropriate measures to alleviate your concerns.