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1 Day General Meeting
25 March 2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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6 CPD Hours

The BACD are delighted to welcome the talented Dr Stefano Conti to teach for the day on the amazing B.O.P.T concept as a FREE member benefit. Dr Conti is a world leader in this technique, and it is something every BACD dentist would benefit from having in their toolbox. Spaces are limited to 60 and the event is certain to sell out so please ensure you book your place today.

Venue address:

St Martin’s Lane Hotel

45 St Martin’s Lane

London WC2N 4HX



Vertical Freedom Concept: Biodynamic Soft Tissue Shaping

During the clinical practice of aesthetic dentistry, the critical issues of beauty, health, and integrity, which differentiate an excellent end result from a failure lie mostly within the crucial areas where these items come into contact: the interfaces.

The presentation focuses on a new Prosthetic protocol for vertical preparation of the tooth,

BOPT-Vertical Freedom concept

Tooth vertical preparation and a new emergence profile of the crown allow us to interact with surrounding tissue modifying their shape and thickness for a new ideal and stable esthetic gingival architecture.

All the steps to perform the V.F concept, from tooth preparation to final crown cementation, will be analysed with clinical cases.

Furthermore, the advantages of a minimally invasive adhesive dentistry, (minimal vertical prep -no prep) with new trends in anterior indirects, will be uncovered.

Biodynamic soft tissue shaping, 3D positioning, defined and appropriate emergence profiles with an accurate analysis of STA around implant supported restorations will be thoroughly discussed with clinical cases.


The main goal of the presentation is to give the practitioners useful techniques to apply immediately after the course, increasing quality and predictability of their work and new protocols enabling them to achieve function and aesthetics in everyday dentistry with a minimally invasive approach.

Learn how to perform the B.O.P.T. technique (vertical freedom concept), tooth preparation – provisional relining – impression – final cementation

  • Learn how to increase soft tissue thickness around teeth and implants
  • Dominate gingival architecture with a minimally invasive approach (biodynamic soft tissue shaping)
  • Understand papillae and facial gingival dynamics around natural teeth and around intramucosal implants
  • Evaluate the ideal implant positioning
  • Appreciate the advantages of a simplified implant placement
  • Identify the ideal prosthetic emergence profile for long term esthetics


B.O.P.T Philosophy

BOPT concept:

Limitations and advantages

Vertical vs Horizontal tooth preparation

  • Relationship between crown and natural tooth
  • Relationship between crown and soft tissue
  • Vertical prep – coronal and apical to CEJ

Vertical preparation of the tooth:

  • Prosthetic approach and new biological width
  • Gingival margin and harmony retrieval
  • Crown margin and periodontal response
  • Intrasulcular mapping
  • Tooth preparation
  • Provisional relining (step by step)
  • Cementation

New emergence profile

  • New PCEJ
  • Emergence profile and prosthetic contours
  • Adaptation profile and soft tissue response

Minimally invasive adhesive dentistry

Minimal vertical prep – no prep

  • Additive veneers and new pCEJ
  • Think thin casting technique
  • DSD
  • Mock-up
  • Lab procedures
  • Try-in
  • Cementation

IMPLANTS: the intramucosal concept

 Prosthetic emergence profile of Implant/Abutment

  • O.P.T implant vs natural tooth
  • Bone level and soft tissue level Implants
  • Intramucosal implants



  • Soft tissue thickness and STA
  • Simplified implant placement
  • Apical-coronal freedom
  • Vertical platform switching
  • Soft tissue thickening and stability
  • Biodynamic Soft Tissue shaping concept


Implant position and prosthetic solution

  • BOPT concept
  • Prosthetic finishing area
  • Implant and prosthetic integration
  • Long term aesthetics
Registration Closed
1 Day General Meeting
25 March 2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Members £1.00
Non-Members £495.00
6 CPD Hours

British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT.

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