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7 March 2020 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Clinical You.  Digital You

20 years ago, a dentist could graduate with a BDS, and be confident that a reasonably lucrative and fulfilling career lay ahead of them.   This is no longer the case, with dental graduates inevitably launching straight into another set of clinical qualifications to give them more credibility.  In addition, whether we like it or not, personal branding is becoming fundamental to a successful career path.

Continuing the successful style of an interview with experts in their own field, this year LWDD brings you, MEN(!) in the shape of Dr Shiraz Khan, and Mr Derek Uittenbroek of Ignite Growth, PLUS Ms Lis Hughes, MD of Frank Taylor Associates and Mrs Debbie McGovern, President of the British Association of Dental Therapists.

Dr Khan is a leading light for young dentists and a true leader – leaders are always willing to share their mistakes in their pursuit of excellence and this is exactly what Shiraz will be doing.  Shiraz really believes in the quote “The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled.”  It’s all in how we handle our mistakes and the lessons we take from them that truly matter.  Shiraz will share how he has learned from his clinical mistakes and lead a discussion on the theory of black box thinking – how can young dentists change the profession to mimic the profession of aviators so that defensive practice becomes a thing of the past.

Mr Derek Uittenbroek owner of Ignite Growth one of the most exciting and credible marketeers in dentistry today has a superb track record and reputation for helping dentists make the most of their marketing budget, with a particular focus and in attracting and converting high value patients through Facebook and Instagram. Derek will share proven principles of the science of marketing and explain how to understand what makes these patients tick. You will find out what is a waste of your time and marketing budget, why you should never talk about the cost of your offering in your marketing.  If you are frustrated at your website and social media efforts Derek will share how to use paid ads instead. Last but very definitely not least we talk you through patient follow up – why email is your worst enemy and why your front of house is costing you money. Let’s supercharge your patient conversion rate immediately with actionable insights that you can implement immediately.

Be prepared to learn how to invest in Digital You as well as Clinical You.

Ms Lis Hughes – MD Frank Taylor Associates
Lis has worked in the dental sector for many years and offers a depth of understanding in what does and does not work and which pitfalls are best avoided when buying or selling a dental practice. Working with both vendors and purchasers during a transaction, Lis has a recognised knowledge and understanding of the business side of dentistry. Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes – ask a trusted advisor!

Mrs Debbie McGovern is the President of the British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT).  Today she will be helping you understand the role of dental therapists, a role which is still sadly underestimated in the profession, and how you can use the role to increase productivity and patient loyalty.  You will be able to understand how to find the right therapist for your (future) practice and how to retain the diamond of a dental business in this fascinating interview.

Grand Finale – Ask the Expert Speed Mentoring.  Mrs Jayne Sproson, Founder of LWDD, Dental and Aesthetics Business Coach and Dental Practice Trainer who has worked with over 1,000 practices to date, will be part of the panel.  All speakers will be part of the panel, and you will be lucky enough to have experienced female practice principals on the panel, including Dr Clare Chavasse of Titchfield Dental Practice and Dr Lydia Sharples of Bespoke Smile, and Chair of the BACD Young Dentist Committee.

If you still need a reason to attend, here is some feedback from the 2019 event:

“Informative, great networking opportunities”

“A great day for dentists at every stage of their career, meeting and networking with other female dentists and being inspired by the speakers”

“It was a very inspiring and eye-opening day”

“Inspirational, insightful and very informative”

“An inspirational day with passionate young professionals”

“It was very valuable to have an extended period of question and answer.  Also enjoyed the small group nature of the event, giving the opportunity to meet all the speakers”

“I felt that the speakers were fantastic and very varied.  As a student I was hesitant to how much of the day I would understand and how much would apply to me, however at the end of the day I grasped everything that was spoken about and found it extremely interesting”

The light-hearted open atmosphere created was also very welcoming to someone who isn’t very familiar with the BACD”

“Particularly enjoyed the finance section of the talk and that has already influenced my day to day practice”

“The openness of communication and sharing ideas, and seeing people share their enthusiasm for dentistry”

“Overall it was a great day that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was made to feel welcome and all were very friendly.  On top of that I found the speakers were inspiring!”

“It has changed many of my views about where I saw my career going in dentistry and it’s rejuvenated me and made me more excited to be a dentist”

Black Box Dentistry: In constant pursuit of excellence

We are in a critical age of social media and high-end aesthetic dentistry, however what does it take to achieve this. Is this real-life dentistry? Or is this dentistry for other dentists.

The aim of this session is to discuss cases that have been performed that are suboptimal, what was done to investigate any suboptimal outcomes, and how this improved.

Learning Objectives

  • Discussion of the black box approach to investigation and progression
  • Demonstration of direct and indirect restorative dentistry with suboptimal outcomes and how these were managed
  • Discussion of the importance of photography in dentistry for continuous reflection, development and growth
  • Discussion regarding social media and its relevance in dentistry

How to consistently attract high-value patients through Facebook & Instagram… without any discounts or offers!

Successfully attracting high-value patients to your practice in a way that is consistent and predictable isn’t down to the latest marketing “fad”. It isn’t down to having the “perfect” website or running the latest style of Facebook ads. It isn’t down to ranking #1 on Google, having 14,491 Instagram followers or partnering with the latest influencer.

Instead, it’s about getting the principles behind the marketing right. You see, marketing is actually a science. A science founded on principles that are deeply ingrained in human psychology. Simply put – successful marketing isn’t down to being creative, witty or clever. It’s down to understanding what makes humans tick, and acting on that with consistency!

Having worked with over 100 UK dental practices, I’ve certainly made all the mistakes when it comes to marketing. But – I’ve learnt first-hand what makes patients tick, and I’m excited to share that with you!

First, we’ll uncover the importance of context & patient mindset. This is why most dental practices fail at marketing and end up relying on word of mouth and referrals to grow.

Next, you’ll learn why you should never talk about your practice or the price of your treatments in your marketing – and, more importantly, what to do instead.

Then, I will uncover why your website and social media efforts are not always the answer to attracting patients with consistency – and you’ll learn how to use paid ads instead.

Finally, we’ll talk about new patient follow-up. You’ll learn why email is your worst enemy and why your front of house is costing you patients.

You’ll get a bunch of actionable insights that you can implement to immediately supercharge your new patient conversion!

Top Tips for Buying a Dental Practice

A top tips guide for those considering buying a dental practice, covering key topics such as what’s involved in the buying process, finding the right practice, and how best to avoid the pitfalls – all vital to achieve a dream of practice ownership.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand more about the buying process
  • Know the best place to start on the journey towards practice ownership
  • Understand how best to avoid the pitfalls in buying a practice

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Registration Closed
1 Day Recommended Meeting
7 March 2020 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Members £49.00
Non-Members £199.00
5 CPD Hours

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