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Join us for a unique event, an evening screening featuring Dr Christian Coachman in an idyllic rural setting

Featuring, food, drinks, trade stands, car photos, Aston Martin stand, music, Bluetooth speakers for all cars, and gardens open for all attendees

Please note:

Limited to 50 (fifty) cars
You may bring passengers
Minimum booking is 2 people per car
Ideally 2 (two) people per car for the best viewing experience

All attendees MUST book individual tickets for this event

BACD would like to thank the following organisations for their support of this event

Fulfilment in Dentistry by Nurturing your 3 P’s: Passion, Pride and Performance

Igniting your passion and achieving long-lasting joy as a smile rehabilitator

Reframing your pride by exploring a deeper meaning to what we do as leaders of a smile rehabilitation team

Rethink your performance and explore new trends and new possibilities to stay ahead of the curve

Registration Closed
1 Day Educational Meeting
3 September 2021 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Members £45.00
Non-Members £145.00
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