Tracy Ruck

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Tracy Ruck, is a former dental nurse with over 22 years of surgery experience. Over the years, Tracy has worked in many areas of the dental practice, from reception to nursing and practice management and as a Treatment Co-ordinator to a top BACD accredited dentist.

For the last four years she has worked as a full-time consultant, advising practices on how to best develop practice through Dental Imaging, and will be sharing her thoughts with delegates.

“The main focus of my talk will be the implementation of the Dental Imaging Software and how it works in general practice,” says Tracy. “From my perspective, my mission will be to show delegates the many practical benefits that they can take advantage of, by installing the Smile Imaging Software into their practice.”

Speaking to Tracy, it’s clear she has a very deep understanding of Dental Imaging and how the use of this, combined with Treatment Co-ordinators,  creates a huge marketing advantage for any practice.  With such a broad range of experiences within the dental setting, she is in the perfect position to recognise the many benefits of  this subject and how it can greatly enhance the way a practice ‘sells itself’ to the public.