Milos Miladinov

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Ceramist and photographer
I find that our job is more than just a simple routine, we change lives and we have satisfaction every time for this. In order to keep this memories I combined my passion for ceramics with my passion for photography so I can show how beautiful our job is.

My work as a ceramist started back in 2004, although I have owned my lab since 2003, and I made a big step forward when I started to take photos of my work and see my mistakes from another point of view. This is how all started back in 2012 when I thought I made a good crown and wanted to show others, then after I made a photo I changed my mind after seeing how bad that crown looked on a huge screen. Since then I photography all my work, every single piece.
My advice: always take photos of your work because those pictures will definitely improve your work, for me it changed everything over the last three years.

Specialised dental technician since 2002
Worked in own laboratory since 2003
Specialising in veneers and anterior sector aesthetics using mainly Ivoclar materials
In May 2013 became one of the first members of DTG
Opened a dental training centre for technicians and doctors in 2013- “Ugly Tooth”
In 2014 becomes technical supporter for Wieland by Ivoclar
In 2015 participates as a speaker for Smile.Line and Cendres-Metaux at IDS Cologne
In 2015 “Ugly Tooth” becomes the official ICDE Ivoclar training centre in Romania