Dr Costantino Vignato

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Speaker - Dr Costantino Vignato
Dr Costantino Vignato lives in Vicenza, Italy.
He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1990 from the University of Padua, and he has specialised in general dentistry since 2001.
He is the owner of Poliambulatorio Vignato – Studio Dentistico Dentisti Vignato.
Dr Vignato has a Masters in Implantology from the University of Genova in 1998.
His field of activity is mostly prosthetic and prosthetic on implants.
Dr Vignato has a Masters in Gnathology and Occlusion Disorder.
He is particularly interested in digital workflow, and he is developing a technique for full mouth rehabilitation using digital support.  He has researched lasers in dentistry at the Laserendotechnic with Prof Levy, in the USA.
Dr Vignato is a Fellow of Dr Ignazio Loi and they jointly developed the theory of Prama implant and its modalities of use.
He frequently lectures nationally and internationally on implants.
He runs courses with live surgery and direct rehabilitation.