Dr Andy Toy

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Andy qualified from Bristol in 1980.  Andy has made a life-long study of occlusion and its application to practice.  In 1982 he attended Roy Higson’s first ever occlusion course (Jim Orr) and also visited the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, USA.  He has since completed all of the Pankey Continuum and has attended numerous courses by the likes of Henry Tanner, Harold Gelb, Brendan Stack, Henry Gremillion and Jim Okeson etc.  In the past he has also studied extensively with Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

In 2001, Andy completed the Oxford University course on Evidence-based Dentistry and became heavily involved with the FGDP in promoting practice-based research.  He was frustrated by the poor validity of research performed by some academic dentists that was influencing general practice. His published research interests also include consent and clinical governance/quality management.

In 2002 Andy met Dr Ron Presswood of Houston and they formed part of a research team at the Faculty of Health and Sport Science in Loughborough University, looking at the relationship between occlusion and oral muscle function.  Using the principles of posterior-guided occlusion, the team has since developed the world’s first non-linear articulator and revolutionary new denture system, CQR Dentures (www.cqrdentures.com)

Andy has lectured to a wide variety of dental groups throughout the UK and Ireland on the relationship between occlusion and oral muscle function and its application to modern dentistry. He is now an Advisory Board member for the Pankey Institute.  He is a member of the Pankey UK Study Club, Chair of the Pankey UK Association and also a member of BSOS.  He is a part-time practitioner and CEO of Invisinet Ltd., providing clinical, marketing and business support for Invisalign practitioners.  Andy is also a UK Clinical Speaker for Align Technology.