How far will you go with the BACD?  Follow the BACD Career Path and aim for the top. 

The BACD has four different levels of membership: Associate Membership, Full Membership, Accredited Membership and Fellowship.

Find out what is involved with each level of membership...

Level 1 - Associate member

This level is available to all dental staff,  Receive access to all benefits listed in Why Join The BACD?

An annual fee is paid to the BACD and the cost varies depending on your job title. To purchase your membership click here…

Level 2 - Full member

If you are a dentist or technician and you are ready to take the next step, you can apply to become a Full member. Click here to find out how...

Level 3 - Accredited member

For a dentist or technician to become an Accredited member you must satisfy all the criteria of the academy's accreditation process to prove competence in key areas of cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. Click here to find out what’s involved. 

Level 4 – Fellow

Fellowship of the BACD is the highest and final stage on the BACD’s career path in cosmetic dentistry. It has been designed to allow Accredited members to demonstrate excellence in interdisciplinary treatment planning and the execution of complex treatments to consistently high standards. To find out how to become a Fellow click here

Affiliate membership

Not sure about whether you are ready to join the BACD yet?  Want to try us out and see if it fits?  This is the level for you.

"Non-membership" (Affilate membership) only costs £1 and is available to all dental staff.  It entitles you to attend regional meetings for £199 per meeting, and other events at the higher, "non-member" rate.

To purchase your membership click here

If you like us and you want to stay, then it's easy to upgrade your membership to Level 1 - Associate Member. Simply email us and we will do the rest

Membership fees


Fee to join
Dentist £468
Technician £300
DF1 £240
DCP £180
Dental student £30
Overseas dentist £295
Overseas technician £195
"Non-member" (Affiliate membership) £1