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The New Rules of Dental Marketing—Hint: It Starts With YOU

Your dental marketing doesn’t matter. That’s because before you even BEGIN to consider the role of marketing in growing your dental practice, you need to consider two critical elements.

First, understand this business-building journey you’re on is really all about you: your clinical skills, your team, your office environment, your processes, and how you deliver care. This is your “inside reality”. If the reality of what you do for your clients is not something remarkable; something people will talk about and come back for, it doesn’t matter what your marketing looks like, what your communications are saying, how slick your new brochure is, or how fancy your practice website is.

Second, your brand platform—the foundation on which your practice must be built—needs to be communicated consistently throughout all your marketing and communications. These are your “outside perceptions”. Your inside reality and your outside perceptions must match.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the critical role personal and professional branding plays as a necessary prerequisite to any practice-growing marketing efforts
  2. Discover how having fun, being different, and getting noticed is a radical branding strategy that spawns buzz, press, and other forms of public notice and word-of-mouth notoriety
  3. Learn from in-class exercises to develop your radical dental brand and then how to leverage that brand with Inside-Out Marketing

Bigger Smiles, Bigger Profits: Harnessing growth through a better understanding of modern consumer values

The most disruptive force today is the consumer themselves. Sure, technology continues to reshape the possible, but it is the demands and expectations of the person sitting in the chair will shape your business success over the next 10 years.

Never before have we witnessed a consumer force like this. Today’s consumer only wants to interact with genuine, authentic, personality driven brands. They desire instant and personalised experiences. They expect emotive engagement and collaborative moments. They no longer value straight clinical transactions.

And I’m not just talking about Millennialls and Gen Z here, it’s all of us. We have all been rewired to a new digital reality.

This workshop session will explore each of the new consumer values, outline what they mean culturally and sociologically, and showcase behaviours and examples from other industries. Most importantly, we will then apply them to your industry and practice, with workshop time for individual action planning per value.

My aim is to send each and every one of you back to your practice with a list of short and medium term actions you can take to ensure your brand stays relevant to the modern consumer. It is by reflecting these values back that we will ensure our businesses to survive and thrive.

You spend a lot of time giving your customers fantastic smiles. Our mission is to ensure, after every interaction with your practice and brand, that we give them a reason to use it!

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