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speaker – Chris McConnell

Chris McConnell

Dr Chris McConnell is a general dentist with a special interest in cosmetic, sedation and implant dentistry. He works in his predominantly private practice in Cornwall, which is situated within 50 metres of one of the UK’s premier surfing beaches. 

He has a broad working dental background having worked in specialist hospital units, bespoke fully private clinics, and corporate NHS practices. In 2007 he purchased his current business and has developed it into a successful, award winning cosmetic and sedation centre. He is an active committee member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, is founding chair of the Peninsula Cosmetic Dentists. 

From his experience, Chris feels that every general dental practitioner can incorporate achievable and profitable advanced techniques into everyday practice.  In his courses, Chris has a particular enthusiasm for debunking dental myths and demonstrating how dentists can implement these techniques easily and affordably for both their patients and themselves. Through his engaging and straight to the point teaching style, he is committed to making sure that attendees get the most out of his sessions and leave with the ability and enthusiasm to use all the course skills straight away on return to practice. Delegates on Chris’ courses commonly come away feeling refreshed that someone just says it as it is, and find it easy to understand how to generate maximum gain from the course.

speaker – Richard Field

Richard Field

Richard graduated with Honours from the University of Glasgow in 2011 and currently works in private practice in Bristol & central London. Richard has a particular interest in dental photography and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry especially composite bonding, anterior alignment orthodontics with the Inman Aligner and resin infiltration techniques for the removal of white spots. At the 2014 Dentistry Awards, Richard was awarded overall Best Young Dentist UK

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regional 2019 – composite tips and tricks

Composite tips and tricks

This is a fast paced and dynamic lecture designed specifically to update the clinician on areas of composite dentistry which can cause problems or failure of restorations. By identifying the four key areas of failure, we will look at why things fail and how to avoid this happening again. It will also introduce the latest knowledge and material changes to. allow the clinician to place reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing restorations whilst getting a good financial return. 

Learning Content

  • Understand how good planning can improve your composite restorations
  • Recognise the advantages and disadvantages of different materials and the importance of correct material choice
  • Identify how to place stress-free composites every time
  • Be familiar with adapting different techniques to maximize success
  • See how you can make composites profitable for you and your business
  • Discover how to avoid common mistakes and how to troubleshoot failures
The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding to confidently apply techniques with advanced materials to promote aesthetics and function in clinical dentistry. It also aims to demonstrate to the clinician how composites can be a practice builder and how to use them cost effectively for the benefit of all. 
  • Recognise the types, composition and performance factors of composites
  • Gain knowledge on light curing and how it can help or hinder you
  • Understand the types of bonding systems used in conjunction with composite technology
  • Find out how a limited selection of materials can be used for most cases
  • Recognise how you can make your restorations affordable both in time and financially for the patient and clinician
  • Recognise the pitfalls of composite placement and be able to trouble shoot
GDC development outcomes 
B – effective management of self for better patient outcomes
C – clinical development and recognition of existing and emerging skills

regional – the Iconic solution – Maximising minimal intervention

The Iconic solution – maximising minimal intervention

Historically, patients who have been affected by white lesions on their teeth have either had to live with the lesions, or resort to invasive dentistry to mask them. 

Due to modern advancements in dental materials and techniques, white spots can now be removed in truly a minimally invasive way using resin infiltration.

This lecture  will look at how resin infiltration can be used in every day practice to great effect in the treatment of superficial and also deep white spot lesions. 

Learning objectives

  • To recognise the different types of white lesions and their aetiology
  • Understand the science behind resin infiltration
  • How to treat a simple case
  • Complex white lesions-Deep infiltration
  • Dealing with brown lesions
  • Isolation
  • Time management and costing cases

 This lecture will have elements of enhanced GDC learning outcomes C: maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice

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venue – One Park Crescent, London

One Park Crescent, London

One Park Crescent London
1 Park Crescent
London W1B 1SH

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22 September 2018 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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