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Regional – The full arch implant bridge – immediate placement, loading and aesthetics!

The full arch implant bridge – immediate placement, loading and aesthetics!

AIMS: To discuss immediate loading technique and required considerations in achieving a long term aesthetic result

OBJECTIVES:  at the end of the presentation the delegates will understand

  1. Steps in pre-prosthetic planning
  2. What the short term goals are
  3. What the long term considerations are
  4. What the treatment steps are 

Speaker – Douglas Lee

Douglas Lee

Dr Douglas Lee
I am an impassioned dentist. Forever driving myself to learn from the world's finest clinicians so I can pass on the best possible care to my patients. My objective is to prove that brilliant dental health and beauty is available to almost anyone not just the very lucky or very rich.

Specialities: Dental Implants, Orthodontics (esp non-extraction), Treating nervous patients, Sedation, TMJ, Snoring/Apnoea.

In co-operation with Mark Roach of M&L Ceramics in Bolton we are the country's leading provider of the "Fast and Fixed" full-jaw dental implant system. This remarkable system allows us construct cosmetic and perfectly functioning teeth for a whole jaw, fixed onto dental implants, in a single day, no matter what state the original dentition is in.

venue – Saving Faces Liverpool

Saving Faces

Switch House
Northern Perimeter Road
Bootle L30 7PT

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1 Day Educational Meeting
17 September 2015 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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