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regional 2019 – a simplified approach to advanced composite techniques

A simplified approach to advanced composite techniques

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Dr Thomas Sealey has developed a simplified approach to minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry which achieves maximum aesthetic effect and maximum profits.  Learn how his simple protocol allows you to approach every patient and their smile with easy-to-perform techniques to smile enhancement.  With both engaging lectures and hands-on practise, Dr Sealey will guide you to develop your clinical skills, increase patient referral numbers and treatment plan conversion rate, as well as improve your dental photography portfolio for the benefit of both patients and career progression.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand composite and when and where you can use it to enhance the appearance of anterior teeth
  • Develop a treatment protocol to effectively plan every case for anterior composite bonding
  • Develop your composite bonding techniques and skills with hands-on practice and mentoring
  • Be able to design natural anatomy and texture into your anterior composites
  • Develop your cosmetic dentistry portfolio with an introduction to aesthetic dental photography
  • Learn how to sell adjunctive treatment to patients to increase your uptake and profit
Learning outcomes:
  • Develop  a protocol for proficient treatment planning and communication with patients
  • Analyse and design composite material into every smile to enhance the smile aesthetics
  • Evaluate function and performance of composites within a smile to ensure predictable long term results
  • Develop an understanding of the differences between adhesive bonding materials and their behaviour
  • Create and design natural tooth aesthetics using dental composites
  • Gain knowledge of issues in fracture of composites and environmental degradation of composites
  • Learn how to ethically introduce sales techniques in to your practice to invite patients to uptake more advanced cosmetic dental procedures
  • See how photography can easily integrate into your daily practice to become a powerful tool in both patient communication and consent, as well as self-development through careful constructive evaluation of your dental work
  • Use the ideas developed to benefit your patients and develop your clinical practice
  • Continue to develop the ability to critique the literature and review your results, and to apply the knowledge gained from the course in developing your clinical and communication skills

Part 1: Introduction & treatment preparation sequence for a simplified approach to anterior composite bonding

Dr Sealey will introduce you to a new way to approach all of your anterior composite resto­rations that saves both time and money, as well as allows for more predictable and repro­ducible aesthetic results.  You will be familiarised to different situations where composite is the material of choice for minimally invasive cosmetic solutions and will be introduced to a simple method for careful case planning to avoid failures and increase long-term outcome.  You will learn about accurate shade-taking, minimally invasive tooth-preparation protocol, correct adhesive procedures, and finally finishing and polishing techniques to create the most natural aesthetics and the highest of lustres for your anterior composite restorations.

Part 2: Example cases step-by-step and live demonstration
Dr Sealey will walk you through three different real-world cases in a detailed step-by-step manner to clearly explain the reproducible protocol which he applies to every case of cosmetic anterior composite bonding.  He will then perform a live demonstration for you to follow his method and watch as he creates a realistic replication of a natural central tooth using these techniques.
Part 3: Hands-on practice and one-on-one mentoring
This will be your opportunity to practise the techniques you have learned today under the one-on-one guidance of Dr Sealey.  You will have the opportunity to rebuild an upper central tooth using all of the materials and tools Dr Sealey has recommended as well as see your attempts under a high-powered Zeiss microscope.  Dr Sealey will help you develop your skills until you are able to reproducibly create natural anatomy and beautiful finishes to your anterior composite restorations.
Part 4: Introduction to aesthetic dental photography and sales techniques to increase profit
You will find that Dr Sealey places the utmost of importance to the power of good clinical dental photography and how it can be used for both professional and clinical progression, as well as for growth in profits and patient uptake of cosmetic dental procedures.  Dr Sealey will pass-on the simple and ethical sales techniques that he has developed from his experience as a Private Dentist and will offer real-world suggestions that you can implement within your own practice to immediately start to see increase in treatment uptake and returns on investment.

speaker – Thomas Sealey

Thomas Sealey

Dr Thomas Sealey is a cosmetic dentist based in Essex, UK.  He has two Master degrees, Medical Education and Endodontic Practice, and has won the award of ‘Best Young Dentist – South’ at the FMC Dentistry Awards in 2015 and 2016.  He writes for most Dental Publications and examples of his clinical work have reached worldwide recognition, being published in both manufacturers’ literature and in the BACD International Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.  
Dr Sealey is the inventor of the SOLID retention system, a composite-based in-direct retainer which is manufactured and sold by CFast.  His vast clinical experience within the private dental sector, his knowledge of composite materials and his artistic eye, have enabled him to develop simple and reproducible techniques to achieve natural aesthetics and long-lasting results for repeatable minimally invasive smile makeovers.

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venue – Lion + Pheasant Hotel

The Lion + Pheasant Hotel

49-50 Wyle Cop
Shropshire SY1 1XJ

There is plenty of parking available here, both at the venue, and in the large NCP car park opposite the venue

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1 Day Educational Meeting
12 October 2019 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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