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Speaker – Andrew Prynne

Andrew Prynne

General practitioner in his own dental office, 740 Dental in Bournemouth (UK) since 1987

International lecturer and trainer on intraosseous anesthesia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Iran, UAE and Canada.  In collaboration with Dental Hi Tec, manufacturer of electronic systems for dental anesthesia, France

Member and Lecturer of the Dental Hi Tec Academy.  Appointed member of the Dental Hi Tec Academy since 2017.  Lecturer and Trainer for the Dental Hi Tec Academy, delivering clinical demonstrations, experience and expertise to improve dental anesthesia

regional 2019 – intraosseous dental anaesthesia

Intraosseous dental anaesthesia

Painless, immediate and profound, with no collateral numbness.

As dental practitioners, the provision of local anesthesia plays an enormous role in the management of the treatments we perform and is pivotal in the relationship that we form with our patients. We have all had complications and failures in our delivery of local anesthesia that have resulted in a compromise to our patients’ experience, to the trust that our patients have in us and in an increased stress level for everyone. Even successful delivery of traditional local anesthetic techniques has negative side effects such as the period of modified function when speaking, eating and drinking and the collateral numbness of soft tissues during which the anesthetised tissues may be traumatised by biting or burning with hot liquids.

This course will introduce participants to a technique that will completely revolutionise the delivery of local anesthesia, induce profound and immediate anesthesia painlessly and all without unnecessary collateral numbness of tongue, cheeks and lips that are associated with traditional techniques.
To introduce participants to the concept of intraosseous anesthesia and to provide sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to enable participants to use the technique in their everyday practice, thereby improving patient comfort, increasing the efficiency of treatment time through immediate anesthesia, abolishing post-operative soft tissue numbness and loss of function and significantly reducing stress levels for the dentists themselves.
  • To learn about and understand:
  • the limitations and disadvantages of traditional dental anesthetic technique
  • the negative effect that these have on both patients and dental professionals
  • the theory of intraosseous anesthesia
  • the practical use of intraosseous anesthesia in daily practice
  • how this technique will abolish all the problems associated with traditional dental anesthesia
  • how this technique will reduce stress levels
  • how this technique will increase business profits through positive marketing, efficiency of dental treatments, patient satisfaction and increased profits

venue – Copthorne Hotel Newcastle

The Copthorne Hotel Newcastle

The Close
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RT

regional 2019 – occlusal diagnosis and implementation in restorative dentistry

Occlusal diagnosis and implementation in restorative dentistry

Learning objectives

  • to be able to diagnose a patients occlusion
  • to know how each diagnosis impacts treatment planning for restorative dentistry
  • occlusal considerations in interdisciplinary treatment planning
  • implementation of occlusal concepts in simple and complicated restorative treatments

GDC development outcomes: A,C

speaker – Komal Suri

Komal Suri

The main focus of work for Dr Suri is fixed prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and occlusion She is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to her patients and heads a practice that has been highly commended for its patient care and clinical expertise.

She is a graduate of the “Kois Centre” Seattle, USA and is heavily involved in postgraduate teaching in the field of restorative dentistry and has lectured nationally and internationally. 

She is the author of the book “Creating Smiles” an invaluable aid for dentists in achieving the aesthetic harmony for a bespoke smile design. The book is the product of 10 years of advanced restorative dentistry carried out at her practice. It ensures that full mouth restorations result in predictable smiles that dentists and patients can design with precision.

Dr Suri serves on the editorial boards of  Private Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry today, and is a judge for the Aesthetic Dental Awards in the UK.

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11 May 2019 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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