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ladies 2018 – the rise of women in dentistry

The Rise Of Women In Dentistry – The Role Of Mentoring And Networks

Aim:  To provide delegates with an overview of how women are rising to the top in dentistry and to consider the positive role of mentoring and networks in that rise.
  • Have improved knowledge of the position of women in dentistry yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Have a better understanding of the place of mentoring and networking in dentistry
  • Have a knowledge of the skills necessary to be a mentor and an effective networker
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
  • Appreciate the contribution of women to dentistry in 2018
  • Analyse the benefits of mentoring
  • Describe the skills used in mentoring
  • Assess the role of networking

ladies 2018 – ten years of the highs and lows of being a practice owner

Ten Years Of The Highs And Lows Of Being A Practice Owner, Mother, Wife And Still Sane!

In a world of increasing equality in the work place, dentistry is still dominated by male dentists usually being the practice owner. During this interactive Q&A session, Carol will freely share aspects of her journey in becoming a practice owner in combination of being a wife and mother, and keeping her sanity after 10 years. Carol is passionate about encouraging and supporting other women into taking the step into practice ownership and being able to hold their own in any environment. During this session, she will honestly share the good, the bad and the downright ugly, how to have fun along the way but also ensuring that you can be a good leader and boss. 
By attending this session, you will fulfil GDC learning outcome B Effective management of self and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients; providing constructive leadership where appropriate

ladies 2018 – when the going gets tough

When The Going Gets Tough – Why Emotional Decision Making Is Not Necessarily Wrong

This session is all about having the right team around you
Jayne will show you how to be the perfect team player and build your perfect team

Jayne will share her Top Ten Tips, including how to find the best associate job for you

speaker – Janine Brooks

Janine Brooks

Dr. Janine Brooks MBE
Author of How to Develop your Career in Dentistry, Wiley Blackwell
Dental Coaching and Training Consultancy
Dental Coaching Academy
Dental Mentors UK

Specialist Areas
Career, Performance Management, Advanced Facilitation Skills, Change Management, Conflict Management, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills for Managers, Ethics, Remediation, Leadership
Whilst I am not the only dental professional who coaches, I am one of relatively few. My understanding of the environment of healthcare and the public sector helps to rapidly establish rapport and trust between myself and clients. I gain considerable personal satisfaction from using the skills of coaching particularly within the clinical environment and with clinical professionals. There is the added value of the ‘knock on’ effect to patients and the wider working team

Corporate Experience
A senior clinical leader with over thirty years broad management and leadership experience in the National Health Service.  Experienced in working at a national and strategic level. Effective and experienced coach working with dental professionals, doctors in training, healthcare clinicians and
managers for personal development, career development and remediation. An emphasis on individual
coaching but team coaching also a strength

speaker – Carol Somerville-Roberts

Carol Somerville-Roberts

Carol Somerville Roberts qualified from Bristol University in 1996. After a short time doing VT and working within the hospital environment, she worked as an associate in a private practice from 2000-2008. In the last two years of being an associate, she also ran the practice as the owners took a 2 year sabbatical. In 2009, she opened Evolve Dentistry as a private squat in Portishead, just outside Bristol. In that time the team has grown from 4 to 17 team members and the practice offers a wide range of treatment including orthodontics, facial aesthetics and sedation to name but a few. Carol has been a full member of the BACD since 2008, she is also a member of SAAD and did a year long course in the use of homeopathy in dentistry. The ethos of Evolve is to provide the best dental care in a beautiful practice by passionate and dedicated team.

speaker – Jayne Sproson

Jayne Sproson

Jayne Sproson offers more than 25 years of experience in the dental sector, working successfully with around 1,000 principals and their teams.  An award-winning consultant, Jayne was non-clinical director of one of the first practices in the UK to offer an aesthetic skin clinic within a dental practice, as well as being one of the first registrants with the Healthcare Commission, the predecessor to the CQC.  In keeping with her innovative approach to care, Jayne invented the TCO role for her practice before the term was coined, and still prefers the job title Patient Advisor that she bestowed upon her beloved team!
After selling her Shrewsbury practice, Jayne established herself on the coaching and training circuit and then spent five years in Jersey with one client.  Now she is back on the mainland, she focuses on helping private dental practices, and aesthetic clinics achieve their goals – not just through coaching and training teams, but also by managing projects to completion when their resources and expertise are challenged.  Practices generally outsource to Jayne if they are looking to elevate operational performance, profitability, and quality of service.
Jayne has successfully converted many practices from the NHS to private, with a robust strategy including membership plans for retention of patients.  Jayne says the most job satisfaction comes from building high performing teams to achieve her clients’ vision.  This means ensuring their business plan, marketing strategies, systems, and the culture of the business are working in synergy.  Throughout her career Jayne has maintained an impressive reputation for service excellence and client satisfaction.
Jayne is particularly good at learning from her mistakes!  A self-confessed “recovering Control Freak”, Jayne’s new mantra for both herself and her clients is “Progress not Perfection”.

venue – Sanctum Soho

Karma Sanctum Soho London

20 Warwick Street
London W1B 5NF

ladies 2018 – general synopsis

We are on a mission to encourage the growth of female membership of the BACD

 We want to share our ideas, recommendations, and our mistakes. We want to encourage young female dentists to be more confident in their careers and choices, and pass on our experiences  – as well as having good networking opportunities – and have some fun

speaker – Ewa Rozwadowska

Ewa Rozwadowska

Ewa is a Birmingham graduate, with 38 years’ experience of running a high quality dental practice in Stroud. Becoming the 1st UK dental practice to achieve Investor in People showed her that success both in dentistry and in business was about helping people to be the best they could be, and led to winning many industry awards for teamwork and preventive dentistry for adults and children. 
She been involved with innovative dental projects for national companies. She is currently a Denplan Advisor and works sits on the SimplyHealth Denplan Excel board, developing this quality assurance programme. 
As a professionally trained coach, mentor and practice assessor, in her business, Beyond Teeth, she uses skills to inspire dentists to achieve their required outcomes in their business and professional lives. 
Having recently sold her practice she now practices as an associate, and collaborates with people and organisations wishing to extend the boundaries of innovative and profitable dental business models. 
She has been married to her exceptionally tolerant husband for 41 years, and has 2 children, Aleksandra –who is also a dentist, and Pawel who is at medical school.

ladies 2018 – turning collaboration into a winning streak

Turning Collaboration Into A Winning Streak

To encourage delegates to use their skills in working collaboratively with their teams to develop an award winning practice

  • To have improved awareness of the validity of a collaborative style of leadership
  • To have explored the benefits to team development and patient ca
  • To have an insight into what it takes to enter and win awards
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify their own skills in collaborative leadership
  • Leverage their team performance for better patient care
  • Have confidence in entering dental awards
GDC Outcomes: A, B, D
Registration Closed
1 Day Recommended Meeting
6 October 2018 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Members £49.00
Non-Members £199.00
5 CPD Hours