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A perfect combination

With a shared passion for providing dental professionals with exceptional education, The Dentistry Show and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) make for a perfect combination – and this was demonstrated in the fantastic BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre at The Dentistry Show 2017.

Providing delegates with a thorough insight into some of the profession’s latest aesthetic concepts, the BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre was certainly one of the conference’s many highlights. 

With a prestigious line-up of speakers delivering exclusive lectures across the two days of The Dentistry Show, delegates in attendance learnt how they could successfully combine exceptional aesthetic treatments with their businesses to drive success in the modern profession. What’s more, delegates were able to pick up a wealth of tips and tricks from some of the field’s leading lights, which they could engage in their own practices to help patients achieve unbeatable aesthetic results.

The BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre was chaired by Dr Elaine Halley, who also opened the theatre with an inspiring lecture entitled ‘Dynamic Smile Design.’ A widely respected dentist and DSD instructor, Elaine reminded delegates that “patients do not want dentistry”. Patients, she said, are motivated by the result – not the equipment or techniques that are required to achieve it, making it crucial for dentists to concentrate on this rather than the exciting clinical aspects of treatment. With this in mind, Elaine provided a fantastic insight into the concept of smile design and the benefits of facially driven treatment planning. Beautiful results, Elaine maintained, could only be achieved by starting all treatment with the end in mind – and by treating the smile as an “expression of emotion in motion.”

Other highlights of the theatre included James Russell’s lecture on the links between aesthetics and orthodontics. Like many other speakers throughout the conference, James implored delegates to consider what they would want if they were the patient – reinforcing the importance of the patient journey. He then went on to explain how orthodontics could limit the stress of cosmetic dentistry and improve the initial situation of many treatments – effectively putting them into a “clean slate situation.”

Elaine and James were in excellent company, with inspiring speakers such as Jameel Gardee, Dipesh Parmar, James Goolnik and Richard Field providing delegates with their own expertise and experience during their own lectures in the BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre. Indeed, the calibre of speakers impressed all those in attendance, including Dr Amit Chopra who said the lectures were “interesting and incredibly informative.”

This certainly applied to Christopher McConnell’s session on ‘Everyday composite mistakes’, in which delegates were treated to an in depth look into why etching, drying, bonding and curing are the four biggest failures in composite dentistry. Chris highlighted the fact that materials and equipment had changed significantly over the last decade, leaving many commonly accepted procedures severely out of date. By looking at the ways in which dentists could more effectively plan treatments, as well as stressing the importance of updating their knowledge about the latest composite materials and equipment, Chris showed delegates how to improve their treatment outcomes.

The BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre was also delighted to welcome Andrea Shepperson to the podium, who had travelled all the way from New Zealand to discuss the ways in which UK cosmetic dentists could stay out of trouble in practice. After an entertaining introduction to dentistry in New Zealand – including a dental-specific Tui beer-style advert (Patients Never Complain: Yeah Right.) – Andrea discussed the need for stringent risk assessments in dentistry and provided a detailed aesthetic checklist that would help delegates stay safe in practice. During Andrea’s lecture, delegates were encouraged to talk to one another, to discuss what they found most challenging in practice and how they would overcome the demands of modern cosmetic dentistry. 

With so many world-class speakers taking to the podium across the two days, the BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre was, without a doubt, one of the most elucidating fixtures of The Dentistry Show – and the dedication to first-rate education that could be found throughout all of the fantastic lectures held there truly epitomised the standard of learning that The Dentistry Show champions every year. 

Other educational features available throughout The Dentistry Show included the PerioLounge, EndoLounge, Short-Term Ortho Lounge, Compliance Clinic, Core CPD Theatre, GDP Theatre and the Dental Business lounge, among others. There were also programmes dedicated to specific members of the team, including the popular Hygienists & Therapists Symposium and Dental Nurses Forum.

If you were unable to attend this year’s conference, be sure to save the dates for next May when The Dentistry Show will return to the NEC in Birmingham – you won’t want to miss out!

The Dentistry Show 2018 will be held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May at the NEC in Birmingham

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