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February 2017 e-newsletter

Now that we are through the Christmas period and fully back in the swing of things, I am hearing a lot of positivity from everyone on their year and life plans. This is great especially with everything that is going on politically.

Your ears and eyes inform your brain of what they see and hear in order for you to make decisions, right?  Have you ever considered the reverse, where your brain informs your eyes and ears of the decision that is made and what they should see and hear? All sounds a bit airy fairy doesn’t it, but is there is something to it? Working with the first statement allows people to react, the second statement allows people to create. That’s what I like about the BACD. The people associated with the BACD don’t accept what they see, they create their own environment.

So in February, why not try to introduce this thought process to your team? I introduced it to the practice recently and since then our productivity, income and motivation has shot through the roof! I think what I am trying to say is, you already think differently to most dentists - but your staff may not. Take them on the same journey so you can all enjoy it together. Remember, we are only as strong as the weakest member- so let's support one another and be stronger together!

International Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
As a leading authority on all things related to cosmetic dentistry in the UK, the BACD has an affiliated publication – the IJCD. There are 2 planned editions this year.

It is always really useful to hear what our members would like to see in the journal – as it is for you - so please could you forward all suggestions or thoughts to Suzy or myself so we can pass these on to the Editor. 

The Dentistry Show 2017
Remember to put in your diary the upcoming Dentistry Show at the NEC on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May. The Aesthetic Dentist Theatre is now directly linked to the BACD, and promotes cosmetic dentistry to our wider profession.

The programme has been specifically put together by our very own Dr Elaine Halley, BACD accredited member and past president, to reflect the importance of planning. All the speakers have been hand-picked by Elaine to deliver a particular area of focus of cosmetic dentistry. This is a great opportunity to get free CPD whilst listening and learning from those at the top of our profession.

We will also have a bespoke BACD lounge there right by the entrance to the Aesthetic Dentist Theatre which will be a fantastic place to meet/ socialise and catch up with friends. To find out more click here .

Article of the month
Sometimes an article comes along that is just easy. Don’t get me wrong - this is a good thing. I find that often there is so much noise in some articles that you really need to read and pull apart their interpretation of something. So when an article comes along that just says it as it is, I find that really refreshing.

I saw this article in the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, and it was refreshing! It looks at an easy three step technique which can be used by the clinician and technician on the wax up design which is used from the treatment planning process through into the final outcome. Of course planning is more critical than ever now as it shows due diligence, and this article covers those guidelines essential to good communication between clinician, technician and patient.

“Treatment planning of adhesive additive rehabilitations: the progressive wax-up of the three-step technique”; Vailati F, Carciofo S; 2016; IJED; Vol 11, Issue 3; pp356-377

AACD conference 19 - 22 April 2017
Last month we highlighted the kind offer that the AACD gave our members of an affiliated discount to their annual conference in Las Vegas in April. This runs out soon, so if you want to take advantage of the discount please use the coupon code “AFL17” when booking. This is for  BACD members who are not part of AACD. Those that are AACD members, the coupon automatically takes the $200 off if they are noted in our database as a BACD member.

Click here to visit the site

BACD member benefits!
Following on from last month’s highlight on what benefits there are for you as a member, we were a bit shocked at how little we are using them. Here is what Suzy found out following a quick survey:

  1. The Dental Directory discounts – buy your products through them and they will pay for your BACD membership! Speak to your local Dental Directory Rep for more information.  12% benefitting
  2. Find a dentist on the website – have you updated your profile, and added your logo to our find a cosmetic dentist? If not- why not? This is a free resource to help patients find you. Associate members need to upgrade to full members to benefit from this great resource. 8% benefitting 
  3. Accreditation support – What better way to improve your skills than to be peer reviewed by the best in the UK. Accreditation is a core component of our academy and is there to help mentor you. 1% benefitting
  4. Regional meetings in the latest and most up to date topics for the enhancement of your dentistry.  27% benefitting

Needless to say we are letting opportunity and money fall through our fingers!!! Time to take action.

Remember these benefits are already yours for the taking!

Remember to use #ethicalcosmeticdentistry in all your social media to promote you and the BACD!!!

Please get in touch! We always need your help on article suggestions/ news or current affairs related to cosmetic dentistry. If you have any suggestions send them to myself (Chris) or Suzy. - Vice-Chair for Communications  - Executive Administrator