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August 2017 e-newsletter

With Summer now in full swing, sit back and enjoy it, because you know in 4 weeks it all kicks off again. I think I like the Spanish system of 12 weeks summer school holidays, and guaranteed hot weather! Oh yeah and no dental litigation culture/ GDC / indemnities etc!!

I was speaking with a Spanish dentist recently, and he was shocked we have litigation. When I asked him about what happens legally if something goes wrong, he replied “I go to court, the patient goes to court, we represent ourselves and the judge asks who is the professional. Then takes the professional's decision as final”. (I don’t know what the emoji face is for gobsmacked- but it would be that one to insert here!!).

And as a special holiday newsletter issue to help you laugh around the pool, or wean yourself off “Love Island”, there are some juicy gossip bits this month as well!!

Annual Conference: Function, Aesthetics, Biology 

Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th November 2017
Venue – Hilton Metropole Hotel, LONDON

The 14th Annual Conference is all about Function, Aesthetics and Biology (FAB). Dentistry is a mixture of art and science, and it is essential as cosmetic dentists to properly understand the biological boundries and functions before embarking on enhancing your patients' smiles. Especially so in today’s age of high litigation, essential planning, understanding and a demonstration of oral biomechanics is a must. Without this your risk of failing greatly increases, and not only that but you will be in a very vulnerable position.

We are proud to bring you a 3-day scientific session aimed at learning how to get the building blocks of Function, Aesthetics and Biology to fall into place in our every day clinical dentistry. This follows on nicely from last year’s conference on planning, and with this knowledge it will allow us to create a reliable formula for success. The conference will be looking at and discussing the principles of form enhancement and how, by respecting the supportive and aesthetic role of the soft tissues this gives us long term, stable and outstanding results.

We are delighted this year to invite Dr Francesca Vailati to the conference on Friday to discuss the advantages of planning an additive, adhesive rehabilitation.

This lecture will look at dental wear, which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest issues affecting our patients. Francesca will be discussing how to plan and executed more comprehensive rehabilitations, and covering the 3 STEP technique, with its simplified protocol. Diagnosis, data collection and treatment planning are all part of this different way of approaching patients.

To help plan for your conference and for a full list of titles/ lecture synopses and profile of speakers please click here.

BACD networking and money saving advantages

The BACD is more than just about cosmetic dentistry, it is also about evidence based education, networking, friendships and savings for your business. We aspire to get like minded people together t our regional educational meetings, and put in touch lab technicians with clinicians. We are all on the same journey, so why no share it with people who want to excel like you?

Also we have special agreements and benefits for you to save money at your practice. The Dental Directory offer discounts  if you buy your products through them, and they will pay for your BACD membership! Speak to your local Dental Directory rep for more information.

Media stories to be aware of......

Social media without a doubt has an influence on peoples' beliefs of what is factual or not. Fake news is testament to this. A main area of many peoples' media input is from bloggers, vloggers and reality stars, who like it or not are becoming very revered, and their comments are taken as absolute. Many are also paid to promote products and recently there has been a number of Instagram posts on whitening.Click here to read more.

In Ireland recently there has become an awareness of complaints from online dentistry. There are a number of companies popping up now offering treatments by mail order for such things as whitening and orthodontics. Regulation on this is something that needs to be clamped down on, there are reasons we extensively train and need to justify treatments. Watch this space…  click here to read more.

The GDC has raised awareness over some dentists indemnity cover. As many people start to move or look for new indemnity providers, for whatever reason, some policies are showing to be possibly coming up short. To read more click here.

And finally, be careful about the use of internet messaging apps with patients. I would agree that this is an area where there are potential data protection issues, and this is now being brought to NHS England’s attention. Read more here                        

Article of the Month

Did you know that another benefit of the BACD is that there are a bunch of resources and articles we feel are appropriate for your learning on our website.

To get there, login, go to your dashboard and then scroll to the right on the 9 quick links tabs. You will see an “articles and journals” link.

One of the papers that is a really interesting is a paper highlighting how to become aware of patients with psychiatric issues seeking cosmetic enhancements. It doesn’t cover dental issues in enough depth to warrant as a reference paper, but as a discussion is very good. It has a great little chart which could be used to guide you and raise your awareness in patient selection.

Newton JT, Travess HC; Int J Cosmetic Dentistry; 2010:Vol1:no1:49-53

BACD 7th annual golf day - last few places left

The Buckinghamshire Golf Club
Friday 22nd September 2017

Buckinghamshire Golf Course was created by the legendary John Jacobs O.B.E., former European Tour Player, and Ryder Cup Captain and in recent years a renowned course designer.  His skillful use of the natural features and local topography have meant that the course has quickly become recognised as one of the finest inland courses in the British Isles.

Cost: £99 per person
What’s included:  Breakfast of bacon rolls and coffee
18 holes and dinner at nearby restaurant
Presentation dinner
1 hour CPD lecture 

Book now at this link

Members' area course planner                                               

Ultimate Implant and Soft Tissue Masterclass: Liverpool 9th September Amit Patel and Rob Oretti
Occlusion, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Edinburgh 23rd September Tom Bereznicki and Ken Harris
I love it when a plan comes together: Leeds 30th September Ken Harris and Craig Parker
Keeping things healthy: London 7th October Richard Horwitz and Tom Bereznicki
Perfect Composites: Birmingham 7th October Andrew Chandrapal and Gurvinder Bhirth
Maximum and Minimum: Belfast 14th October Rob Oretti and Richard Field

Click here for a comprehensive list of educational meetings during 2017